Mega Weaves Bundle: 11 patterns and a variation tutorial

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Square Grid Weaves Mega Pack. Challenge your folding skills with these new geometric tessellations. Digital delivery, no materials included. PDF reader required. Links to instructional materials on folding tessellations and getting the right paper are included. A video tutorial on the hybrid square twist used in these tessellations is available at

This crease pattern bundle includes the Herringbone, Fence, Square Knots, (101)^2, Figure Eights, Herringbone Open, Linked Wells, Open Alternating, Sliding Windows, Stacked Windows, and Stepped Rounds weaves as well as a tutorial on how to create your own variations. All of these tessellations can be folded straight from the grid without extra precreasing. I recommend practicing them on a small grid before attempting a larger grid on nice paper. These are high intermediate to complex level tessellations. 



  • Pattern on a background grid
  • Photos of the finished tessellations from the front


  • Origami paper
  • OPTIONAL: bone folder or scoring tool


  • Tant
  • Glassine
  • High gsm paper or highly transparent paper


  • Pattern for personal use only
  • Contact me if you want to license the pattern to sell products
  • All rights reserved, copyright Gathering Folds 2020


Why get just one crease pattern bundle when you can buy all 350+ of my crease patterns in one place and get all my future patterns included too?

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Customer Reviews

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J Farrell
Mega Weaves Bundle

I have previously purchased the Herringbone Weave Pattern singly and thoroughly enjoyed folding it. Wanting to test myself further I chose this Mega Weaves Bundle which is great value and contains 11 patterns and a variation tutorial. Every design is interesting and it will keep me folding, and learning, for many hours. For anyone interested in tessellations this is a must-buy!

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