5" Suncatcher - Compound Squares

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This suncatcher is a sight to behold, from inside or out! Get lost in the curves made from completely straight lines and marvel at the shadows made by overlapping folds both day and night.

This piece is designed to be hung inside a window on a suction cup (included). It is extremely light-weight at 4 oz, and the acrylic is perfectly laser-cut, resistant to yellowing, drop-resilient, and has been treated with anti-static cleaner to repel dust.


- 5 in. by 5 in. acrylic panels, will not yellow in the sun and treated with anti-static cleaner to repel dust
- Geometric pattern folded by hand from a single sheet of paper
- Clear nylon hanging cord
- Suction cup rated for 2x the weight of the suncatcher


This compound squares pattern is part of my series of compound twists, which includes hexagons, squares, triangles, and rhombi. I was inspired to make these suncatchers after making a bigger version of this product for my mom's birthday present this year. The light brings out the shadows in the paper, and the tessellation is still stunning even in the dark!

The tessellation is made by folding a grid onto a square sheet of paper, making the required creases for each element of the pattern, and then collapsing to the finished state. Each step of this process is very time consuming and requires strict attention to detail.


- Clean window and attach suction cup
- Hang suncatcher and enjoy!


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Customer Reviews

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Montana Reid
My New Favorite Thing!

I was extremely lucky to have won this as part of a contest on Instagram and I am very happy to have it hanging in my window at this moment! This is a really unique and well executed idea! Every part of this item is clearly thoroughly thought out (hand made, yellowing-resistant frames; the acrylic is almost certainly less likely to break than glass; strong cord for holding the model up; dust repellent; etc.) Just an all around brilliant way of displaying origami! Highly recommended! :)

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