Compound Hexagons with Y Joins Suncatcher, 12 inch square

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This origami tessellation would be the perfect addition to a mathematically curious person's office or home and would make an excellent graduation present for anyone with an interest in STEM disciplines.

It would also be a welcome change of view for anyone who has been looking out the same window every day since March due to the Coronavirus!

The tessellation is mounted between two sheets of acrylic and is designed to hang in a window from a latch or from a suction cup.


- 12"x12" acrylic panels, non-yellowing even after years in direct sunlight
- Origami tessellation hand-folded from a single sheet of paper
- Clear nylon hanging cord, rated up to 20 lbs.
- Clear sunction cup rated over 2x the weight of the suncatcher for easy hanging


I've been designing and folding my own origami tessellations since 2018. Many of these patterns show surprising patterns when they're backlit, so I researched how to hang them in windows. The result is what you see today!

All frames are hand-cut from large sheets of acrylic, then drilled and cleaned before the origami piece is mounted inside.


- Hang in a window (from a latch or suction cup) or on a wall
- The acrylic frame is extremely light-weight and shatter-resistant, so no need to worry about the piece falling


- Custom items ship within 1-2 weeks of ordering
- See my policies for more information

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