Large Square Suncatchers, 12 inch

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Origami tessellations are folded by hand from a single sheet of paper - yes, including those background grid lines!

Pieces this size take anywhere from 90 minutes to 7 hours to fold depending on the number of repeats and pattern complexity, which leads to a wide variety in prices.

They can be viewed from either side, with or without light behind them, for a total of four distinct views of the same piece.

Often, the backlit views on either side are surprisingly different even though the light is shining through the same number of layers in each case!

These tessellations are framed between two acrylic panels and are held together with binding screws.

Why acrylic instead of glass? It's much lighter (easier to mount), less likely to break (drop-resistant), and for these specific suncatchers it's non-glare too!

I recommend hanging these suncatchers in a window so you can enjoy the backlit views - and you get to choose which side you consider "front".

Suction cups, latches, and a nail in the window trim are all great ways to hang your suncatcher.

Let me know if you'd like the hanging cord to be shorter or longer to suit your situation!



- 12"x12" acrylic panels, non-yellowing even after years in direct sunlight
- Origami tessellation hand-folded from a single sheet of paper
- Clear nylon hanging cord, rated up to 20 lbs.


I've been designing and folding my own origami tessellations since 2018. Many of these patterns show surprising patterns when they're backlit, so I researched how to hang them in windows. The result is what you see today!


- Hang in a window (from a latch or suction cup) or on a wall

- The acrylic frame is extremely light-weight and shatter-resistant, so no need to worry about the piece falling

- Wipe down the outside with acrylic cleaner when you wash your windows


- All pieces are already framed and ready to ship in 1-3 business days
- See my policies for more information

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