50 Sheets Skytone Paper

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Skytone is my absolute favorite paper for tessellations. It's crisp, reverses creases easily, and is hard to put a hole in, unlike Tant. It only comes in light shades, which are great for backlighting, and it has a variety of nice colors.

My students agree that this is the best paper for tessellations too, but it's not usually available in more than one color at a time from the manufacturer and they don't ship internationally.

So, I'm making my own stash available to you to help you use the best paper available. This pack contains 50 sheets of 19x12.5 inch Skytone of various colors (natural, white, blue, pink, as stock allows).

This size is what I use for the vast majority of my own tessellations and you can get one large shape (either square or hexagon) and two smaller shapes out of each sheet (hexagon templates really help with this). I've found that I can reliably cut through 5 sheets at a time using the templates, and you can also take these sheets to a local print shop to get them all cut square at once.

If you'd like to get hexagon templates and folding tools along with your paper, check out the full pack option.

Customer Reviews

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Maria Pader

50 Sheets Skytone Paper

Karen Eberle Smith
Just as expected

I haven’t tried folding with this paper yet but it looks great.

Kali Kocmoud
Nice paper!

Bought the 50 pack for advent of Tess year 2. Folds nicely into the grids. I like the pastel color as well. Thank you for this option.

Jane Von Elm
Skytone paper

I really honestly love this paper and it makes folding tessellations much easier than your average paper mainly because it doesn’t tear with normal use, like other papers do!

Best paper ever for tesselations

I have tried dozens of different types of paper for my tesselations. Then I ordered some skytone and there is nothing better. Wish I could get pre-cut hexagons - then life would be perfect. LOL

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