Open Compound Square Twist Tutorial

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When I first started making origami tessellations, one of the first twists I ever learned was the Closed Square Twist.


Later, I learned the Open Square Twist. As I learned more tessellations, I saw that any closed twist - square, triangle, hexagon, rhombus, etc - could be modified to have an open back.


Now I present a new way to modify twists: Compounding!

Compound open square twist
Open Compound Square Twist
All you need to learn this technique is a square sheet of paper and an open mind (but a folding tool really helps!)
Follow along with my video as I tell you all about it!


You might be wondering what kinds of things can be made with these compound twists. I've made several variations already, and I have lots of ideas for more!


Here's a list of tessellations I've made with this Compound Square Twist:

Mirrored Compound Squares

Rotated Compound Squares


I also have a bundle of four crease patterns, all using compound squares or compound hexagons:

Compound Twists Bundle

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