Rotated Grids Challenge Winner

Posted by Madonna Yoder on

We have a winner! Dirk Eisner won the Lens Stars mini suncatcher from a random drawing of all participants in the challenge. 



 He folded two rotated grid tessellations on squares, helped me extend the math to allow marks that don't lie on the resulting grid (two marks to two marks on a square, and one to one on a hexagon), and even calculated how to fold a rotated grid on a triangle!



 The suncatcher has safely arrived and looks great in its new home.



 Thanks to everyone who participated in this challenge! If you want to learn more about rotated grids, check out my previous posts on the topic with the math and practical advice!

If you're seeing this before Sunday June 27, 2021, you can get your questions answered live through the virtual OrigamiUSA annual convention! I'm teaching a 3-hour session from 6-9pm EDT on Sunday, June 27, 2021 and you can see all the details (and sign up!) here:

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