Tessellation Garden - a Living Library of Origami Tessellation Designs

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Tessellation Garden is a collection of all of my origami tessellation designs, arranged in a portal with sorting by tiling and sorting by twist difficulty and structural complexity.

It currently has over 380 crease patterns along with photos, grid rotation recommendations, and links to next-easier and next-harder patterns to fold.

Design Specialties

Once I started teaching origami tessellations two years ago, I shifted my design style to focus on tessellations that can be folded directly from the grid - no precreasing required.

Given this design constraint, the options that I saw for new designs actually increased dramatically and I was able to find three areas that set my patterns apart from other tessellation designers’ work.

  1. Unusual arrangements of twists
  2. Unusual uses of symmetry in common arrangements of twists
  3. Unusual twists that can still be folded directly from the grid (hybrid, mixed-depth, etc)

Tessellation Garden features 48 different arrangements of twists, called tilings, and uses these structures as the primary organization for the designs - just like I have them in my own file system.

The simplest tilings have dozens of patterns each, using atypical symmetries of common twists as well as working unusual twists into these common structures.

There’s also quite a few tessellations from my earlier design style that are included too, including fully precreased patterns and ones with compound twists.

How to Use Tessellation Garden

Whether you want to explore hundreds of origami tessellation patterns to find your next project, build skills towards folding a target pattern, or get crease patterns for all my YouTube videos, Tessellation Garden is for you.

Each pattern can be found in its tiling and also on a difficulty category page.

The difficulty category pages correspond to the skill progression chart below and are organized internally by related skills and roughly by difficulty within those skill groups.

Each pattern page has a short description of the tessellation, including any relevant details like whether precreasing is required, along with recommendations for the next-easier and next-harder patterns to attempt.

This means that you can construct your own learning sequence for any tessellation you’re interested in that is much more granular than the six-pattern Paths to Mastery that I show on Instagram - and these sequences are available for all the hundreds of tessellations, not just the several dozen that I’ve published paths for.

Tessellation Skill Progression Chart


You can also use Tessellation Garden to identify all the close relatives of a pattern that you’re interested in and then fold them all to make sure that you’ve mastered the relevant skills.

Since Tessellation Garden only includes my original designs, that rules out most of the 1A Category tessellations since they were almost all discovered long before I started folding origami tessellations.

I’ve still included photos of these designs in the category page so you can reverse engineer them, though, along with links to where to learn more about them if a video or other training exists.

Other than that category, my designs span the rest of the spectrum with a concentration in 2B and 2C designs although I have very few true 3A designs.

The ones I’ve taught on my YouTube channel tend to be 1B and 1C designs since they lend themselves to using smaller grids and practicing particular twists.


So if you’re curious about Tessellation Garden and want to learn more, check out all the details and buy access here today!

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