Triangle-centered grids on hexagons

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Many options

The more I fold grids, the more I realize that the possibilities are endless.

For example, I used to think that triangle grids on hexagons could only be centered on grid intersections - that I had to start by folding the hexagon in half in one way or another.

I thought that these designs I was making that were centered on grid triangles could never be properly centered without cutting away some part of the grid after folding it.

Thankfully, I figured out how to fold my grids centered on a grid triangle - and now I'm sharing this knowledge with you!



Where you'll find them

These triangle-centered designs are liable to show up anywhere where you're centering a tessellation on 3-fold rotational symmetry - whether that's patterns with three directions of mirror symmetry lines or completely rotational patterns.

Usually you'll see six of the same kind of twist around the center in the tiling, and then either six of the same exact twist spaced apart or alternating variations of the same twist in the tessellation itself.

When the symmetries throughout the pattern are very similar, choosing a center can be more of an art than a science.

The center I choose usually depends on what will look most hexagonal and make the easiest border - and sometimes that means centering on a grid triangle.

Thankfully, now I know how to do that and I'm free to fold nice display versions of even more tessellations!

Try it yourself

So, what will you fold with a triangle centered grid?

Let me know in the comments below!

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