Triangle Grids on Rectangles

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There's plenty of tutorials out there for folding triangle grids on squares, but the translation to folding these grids on rectangles in the orientation of your choice isn't well known.

That's why I went live this week to talk about these grids - and why you might want to use them.


We often think of triangle grid tessellations with 6-fold symmetry that work well on hexagons, but there's also tessellations on triangle grids with dominant 3-fold or 2-fold symmetries too!

In the 2-fold case or cases with one direction of mirror symmetry a rectangle is often the shape that best displays the repeating nature of the tessellation.

Purl tessellation

For example, my Purl tessellation has mirror symmetry all in one direction and dramatically different shrinkage rates in that direction vs the perpendicular direction.

So, in order to get lots of repetitions and a well-balanced result I folded it on a rectangle!


Feel free to ask questions in the comments below or by emailing me at madonna[at] - and I'd love to hear about other tessellation topics you'd like more clarity on too!

Happy folding,


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