Compound Quadrilaterals Tessellation Tutorial

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Now that you've learned to fold compound open and closed squares, it's time to add rectangles to the repertoire!

Compound Quadrilaterals, backlit

Compound Quadrilaterals, backlit

If you haven't learned them already, I recommend checking out my Hybrid Square Twist tutorial, Odd Division Grids tutorial, Open Compound Square Twist tutorial, and general Compound Squares tutorial before attempting this tessellation.

I start with a 40-fold square grid (instructions here), and walk you through the process of folding this tessellation, giving some ideas for variations as I go.

Compound Quadrilaterals tessellation, back

View from the back


If you're ready, let's dive in!


As always, I'd love to see what you fold - tag me (@gatheringfolds) on Instagram to show off what you've made!

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