Herringbone Reverse Engineering Challenge

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How would you like to be able to fold tessellations like mine? I believe that you can - with lots of practice, trial, and error.

Just a few years ago, I was like you - experienced in folding but with very little experience in tessellations. I got to where I am today by challenging myself to figure out the underlying structure of tessellations from as little information as possible.

I worked my way through a progression of learning styles until I was able to reverse engineer tessellations from only a photo of one side. That may sound extreme right now, but let me explain.

My first exposure to tessellations was in person, at an OrigaMIT convention. Then I practiced folding grids to use in my research into triangular grid mazes (which are basically tessellations) and switched to learning through video tutorials.

Once I understood the basic twists and pleats, I started learning from photo tutorials, and then from just photos of the front and back of finished tessellations.

200 tessellations later, and I was ready to start designing my own.


So, today I am challenging you to learn like I did and reverse engineer my Herringbone Weave tessellation!


 To enter:

1) Reverse engineer the tessellation - fold enough that it's clearly identifiable.

Hint: Check out my tutorial for the twist here

2) Tag me in a post with photos of the tessellation - Instagram feed/stories or Facebook (@gatheringfolds) before August 31st.



1) All entrants will receive a copy of the Herringbone Weave smocking pattern for fabric.

2) One lucky winner (determined by random drawing) will get a six-inch suncatcher like these!


Deadline: August 31, 2020


Fabric and paper versions of Herringbone Weave

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