Reverse Engineering Challenge Results

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Thanks to everyone who folded the Herringbone Weave origami tessellation in the last two weeks! I really enjoyed seeing all of your interpretations of my tessellation and I hope everyone gained confidence in their reverse engineering skills.

The challenge was completed successfully by 21 people, from all across the globe. Here's the published photos of all the entries:

Entries from Dasa Severova, Edward Mistretta, William Holt, and itaborigami.
Entries from zamanulli, Montana Reid, origamitraces, and Qassah P.
Entries from Brisa Moreno, AlaznePro, Silvia Franceschini, and Simon.
Entries from Prathamesh Joshi, Pek, Yaacov Yonatan Goldberger, and Zeinab.
Entries from Travis Nolan, Stephane MaMi, Pratyush Girdher, and Ilja Trochanowski.
And, last but not least, the entry from Peter Strouvelle!


Now, the news that you've been waiting for:

Our grand winner of the mini suncatcher is Montana Reid!

Grand Prize

Mini suncatcher, ready to ship out.


Congratulations to everyone who participated, and I'll see you again with another challenge in a few months!

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