Hybrid Rosettes Origami Tessellation

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A little tweak for big results

As I'm folding I have a constant refrain of "wouldn't it be cool if ..." going through my head.

This time that thought popped up as I was preparing for the square tiling lessons in the current round of Tessellations by Tiles and coming up with new designs that take advantage of extended symmetry patterns available in the tiling.

I knew what would happen if I used the hybrid twists to add extra space to a closed square in a weave pattern - that's Square Knots Weave - but what would happen if the hybrid twists went the other way?

It turns out that the pattern needs more twists to arrive at a repeat, and shifting the pleats this way puts the next twists on the back! 


Look for the Symmetries

Hybrid Rosettes detail

Like many other square tiling patterns, Hybrid Rosettes has two distinct positions of 4-fold rotational symmetry and one position of 2-fold rotational symmetry.

Unlike the basic patterns in this tiling, not every twist is in a position of rotational symmetry.

Can you spot which twists are in the rotationally symmetric positions?

Hint: all the closed squares are in rotationally symmetric positions, but only some of them are in the 4-fold positions.


Alignment and border adjustments


Check out the alignment here - can you see where I broke with the rest of the pattern?

Seeing the relationships with other patterns can sometimes give you extra options when it comes to the border.

Since Hybrid Rosettes is so closely related to a simpler pattern of alternating front and back closed square twists, I could easily change the lone hybrid squares at the edges into closed square twists.


Learning Path

The skills to arrive at Hybrid Rosettes are quite manageable.

You'll need:

  1. Closed square twists
  2. Open square twists (mostly for the intermediate tessellations to get there)
  3. Folding square tiling tessellations on both sides of the paper
  4. Hybrid square twists
  5. Hybrid square twists with other square twists
  6. Hybrid square twists with other twists on the back

Not so bad, right?

If you're interested in going down this path with me, book a discovery call for tutoring today!

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