Open Triangle Linked Flowers Origami Tessellation

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So many options!

When you put triangles next to hexagons you give yourself many, many options of what to fold next.

You can fold another hexagon (of a different type!), a rhombus in any size or side of the paper, and probably more options that I haven't explored yet.

Open Triangle Linked Flowers shows a dense arrangement of closed hexagons, open triangles, and standard rhombi - all on the same side.


Details Matter

OT Linked Flowers origami tessellation

Would you tuck your triangles under or over?

The crease pattern won't tell you, but you must decide if you want your tessellation to lay flat.

I generally choose to emphasize the highest symmetry point - the hexagon.

What would you choose?

Alignment for the win! 


Diagonal grids on hexagons make these lovely hexagonal edges, but there are few patterns that exactly align to that grid.

This particular pattern was so close that I decided to sacrifice exact alignment (and not fold a nasty fraction to start) in favor of a clean border.

Can you tell the difference?

How far off from alignment is this tessellation?


Learning Sequence

Open Triangle Linked Flowers seems like a pretty advanced tessellation, but you can get there in only 6 steps (or tutoring sessions ;) ).

The key is to master each step before moving on to the next.

First up are closed and open triangle twists.

Next are closed hexagon twists.

Then rhombus twists and triangle wraps.

Then you'll want to arrange the twists in the same order, but spaced further apart.

Finally, you can put these twists closer together to fold Open Triangle Linked Flowers!

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